ELEMENT PROJE MÜŞ. TEK. MÜHENDİSLİK İNŞAAT MAKİNA ISI SİSTEMLERİ SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş founded as Üçler Machine and Heating Industry by Müjdat BAYAZIT in 1992. We are producing with our growing knowledge, experience and technical staff since 1992. In accordance with the quality policy we have developed within the vision and mission of our company, together with our modern facility in Türkoğlu OSB. We process steel with a total capacity of 2000 tons (steam boiler, heat exchanger, water softening system, steel construction, etc.) annually, alongside with our turnkey facility installations for industrial facilities.

Our export department’s dynamic and visionary structure, we have delivered the products and services of our company to 30 countries in 4 continents so far. Currently, we will achieve corporate success that supports our professional perspective with the strength and assurance of our team of 75 people, 11 of which are engineers.


1992 Müjdat Bayazıt
1992 Boilers
1993 Steam Boilers and Water Softening Systems
1994 Fuel Tanks and Chimney Filters
2002 Thermal Power Plant installation
2003 Hydroelectric Power plant installation
2005 Branch Offices Established
2006 Beyazıt Engineering Company
2007 İlk Endüstriyel Doğalgaz Tesisatı
2008 Bölge Dereceleri
2009 Element Proje Kuruluş
2010 Atık Isı Geri Kazanım
2011 Bayazıt Endüstri Grup
2011 Kombine Enerji Üretimi
2012 ISO 9001:2015
2014 CE Sertifikasyonu
2015 Arsa Satın Alım
2016 İlk İhracat
2018 Fabrika Faaliyeti
2019 WPS ve WPQR
2019 Biyokitle Santrali
2020 28 Yıllık Tecrübe
2021 Yeni Enerji Tesis imalatları ve Yatırımları




  • We are committed to todays technological developments that we closely follow as up to date to meet the needs and expectations of the customers.
  • To be an organization that is sensitive to the needs of internal and external customers, we have strong communication surrounded by trust with our employees and customers. We are committed to continuously improving and developing its quality management system,
  • To create a more successful, innovative company that ensures employee satisfaction, gives focus on to education and personal development for our employees,
  • To ensure continuity and highest efficiency by making effective risk management and using our resources in the best way,
  • It includes contributing to the national economy as a successful organization that respects the environment and fully complies with the laws and acts in accordance with occupational safety and worker health rules in all our activities.